• Raise Foundation working with Logan high schools.

Why mentors matter

Across Australia, young people are struggling with mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, and social disconnection.

According to the 2021 Mission Australia Youth Survey, one in 4 youths feel lonely all or most of the time, with suicide as the leading cause of death.

Based in high schools across Logan like Windaroo Valley State High School and Woodridge State High School, Raise Foundation provides young people with a volunteer that shows up every week, just for them.

“My favourite part of working with The Raise Foundation is watching hope and trust return to a young person’s life.”

— Carmen Litton

These statistics are the focal point of Raise Foundation’s mission.

Program Area Manager Carmen Litton says the organisation’s goal is to provide early intervention and evidence-based mentoring to help young people believe in themselves so they can shape a purposeful life.

‘A student may seek a mentor to help them navigate through life’s challenges, assist them with school tasks or to help them socially or emotionally,’ Carmen says.

‘A common thread seems to be that young people feel a sense of disconnect with their challenge.

‘Mentoring helps provide that sense of support and connection during a particularly vulnerable time.’

According to recent studies, young people are the group least likely to ask for professional help.

The Raise program makes this process easier by working with high schools, where mentors and mentees are paired up based on a series of introductory activities and questionnaires.

To date, 8866 mentees have been supported through the Raise Foundation with the help of 6165 volunteers.

‘My favourite part of working with The Raise Foundation is watching hope and trust return to a young person’s life,’ Carmen says.

‘It’s the little things – seeing that young person greet their mentor with a big smile, or the enthusiasm of school staff because a student has been attending school more regularly.’

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or want to learn more about the program, visit the Raise Foundation website.

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