• Gabriel Fuller of Harry Potter-themed store and cafe.

A magical wizards’ realm in Slacks Creek

 It’s been almost a year since something special sprouted up in Slacks Creek. 

Like magic, the Harry Potter-themed Cauldrons Café and Emporium has weathered the storm of COVID-19 and continues to enchant visitors to this day.   

“People are so happy when they visit – they just love coming in, sitting around for a few hours, and exploring the store.”

— Gabriel Fuller

Self-proclaimed Potterhead and business owner Gabriel Fuller first launched online after losing his job during the pandemic.   

It’s since become an escape for muggles of all ages, with witches’ brew, licensed merchandise and the grand Cauldrons Common Room. 

‘We wanted more than just a store, so we created an experience and a community by having a space for all of us wizard geeks to enjoy,’ Gabriel says. 

‘It’s that special crossover of what’s real and what could be real even though you know it isn’t, just like the books.’ 

In true Gryffindor spirit, Gabriel has paved the way for others to find the magic in their everyday lives. 

He is delighted by the community’s reception to his business so far. 

‘The Logan community is great, and we get visitors from up north and Gold Coast too,’ Gabriel says. 

‘People are so happy when they visit – they just love coming in, sitting around for a few hours, and exploring the store. 

‘We also run a bunch of activities for the school holidays and are about to launch a House trivia tournament soon.’ 

Cauldrons Café and Emporium also support other local businesses, with offerings from Poppy’s Chocolates and Extraction Artisan Coffee. 

‘Everybody’s been having a rough time for the past 2 years, so we all need to help each other out,’ Gabriel says.  

‘If we can take everybody else along on the ride, we’re happy.’ 

Learn more about Cauldrons Cafe & Emporium or visit their store on 3325 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek.

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