The joy of dumplings

Bhutan is known as the happiest country in Asia – and the only country that considers happiness as a measure of national development.

According to Tshering Dema, owner of Springwood’s Coffee & Dumplings, the secret to happiness is good food.

‘Life in Bhutan is very peaceful and simple, just like our food,’ she says.

‘Bhutan is a Himalayan country, so we don’t use many spices but plenty of chili and cheese – so our food tastes very fresh and real.

‘Our momo platter with veggie-cheese dumplings is our most popular dish.’

Bhutanese dumplings, called momos, are substantially different to their Chinese counterpart.

Momos are often served as the main dish and are juicier because they are made with a thicker dough.

Although Tshering was initially hesitant to open the first Bhutanese restaurant in the area, she continues to receive rave reviews and support from the wider community.

‘It was difficult at first because most people have never tried Bhutanese cuisine,’ she says.

‘But most people end up loving the food and the community has been amazing.

‘Australia is just great because there are so many cultures and everyone’s so open to trying new cuisines.’

If you ever stop by Springwood, make sure to try Tshering’s favourite dish. It’s called sha-kam ema datsi, which translates into dried beef with chili and cheese.

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