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The wheel appeal of local bike trails

Exercise, adventure, socialising, racing, relaxation, fun, family time and getting close to nature … there is so much to love about riding City of Logan’s recreational bike trails for Daisy Hill cyclist and father Ryan Veenstra.

Appearing on the cover of the Our Logan magazine riding through Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Ryan enjoys mountain biking there several days a week.He often rides for time out with his partner Katie Adkins – who also enjoys racing competitively – and they regularly bring along their boys aged 7, 4 and 3.

He is among thousands of mountain bike enthusiasts who ride on the 23 mountain bike trails throughout Logan stretching more than 40 km, from local beginners to Australia’s greatest cycling champions including Robbie McEwen, who grew up in Daisy Hill.

‘It’s just a great way for me to get out and clear my head and be in nature, get fit and have some fun at the same time – whether it’s with my family, or that social aspect with our friends in the local RATS Cycling Club,’ Ryan says.

‘For anyone visiting Logan or moving here, I’d say give mountain biking a try. We actually got into it when our eldest son figured out he could ride his bike on dirt and now he loves it so much he also races.

‘There are some fairly smooth fire roads as well to have a pedal on and you don’t need suspension – so long as you have a bike with wide tyres and gears, and a helmet – and all the trails have signs explaining everything.’

He says there are also coaching organisations and cycling clubs for advice and lessons, including providing an environment for women to feel comfortable to learn how to mountain bike.

A new online page dedicated to mountain bike riding has just launched on Explore Logan. It features links and details to all the mountain bike trails accessible in 3 key areas – Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Cornubia Park Forest and Spring Mountain.

There is also the highly anticipated Bethania to Logan Village Rail Trail project expected to begin this year, that will use the historic rail corridor to add 11.5 km to the existing 3.5 km Yarrabilba to Logan Village Rail Trail – resulting in a 15 km path for riding and walking.

Cycling champs love Logan

Robbie McEwen, 3-time winner of the Tour de France points classification: ‘I grew up in Daisy Hill and we started riding the trails when they were kangaroo trails in the forest … it was a great place to grow up because you’d just go and roam on your bike for kilometres and kilometres in the bush and it was really great fun.

‘It’s awesome to see what’s happened with mountain biking and cycling in general – the places to ride and how they’ve been developed, and the local councils getting behind building out the trails and expanding the trails and looking after them and making them environmentally friendly as well.’

Cameron Wright, Multiple Junior Mountain Biking World Champion: ‘Daisy Hill’s awesome, super flowy … not too much climbing, which is quite nice. It’s definitely worth the drive if you’re not local and I’d strongly recommend it, for sure.’

Try your skills on these trails

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

  • 7 mountain bike trails
  • Distance: Totalling 17.9 km
  • Levels: Easy to intermediate

Cornubia Forest Park

  • 11 mountain bike trails
  • Distance: Totalling 16.63 km
  • Levels: Easy, intermediate, difficult

Spring Mountain

  • 5 mountain bike trails
  • Distance: Totalling 6.6 km
  • Levels: Intermediate

Learn more about Logan’s bike trails on the Explore Logan website.

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