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Peace Pole brings message of hope

A monument at Edens Landing State School, replicating one that can be found across the globe, is inscribed with what may be the purest – and most-enduring – wish of humankind: that peace may prevail on earth.

More than 250,000 Peace Poles with the same message have been erected as part of the global project, which was founded by Japanese philosopher and founder of the World Peace Prayer Society, Masahisa Goi.

He created the society after witnessing the destruction of war and became a visionary for world peace. His core belief is that positive thoughts, meditation and spoken prayer can change reality.

The first Peace Pole was erected by the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin at St Vincent’s Primary School in 2019.

A Peace Pole featuring the message in 4 languages – English, Samoan, Dari and Filipino – was recently unveiled at Edens Landing State School.

John Nightingale, Director of the Rotary Foundation for Logan Rotary Club, selected the school after seeing its striking Anzac mural.

The Peace Pole ceremony, a requisite component of the project, was delegated to the student’s leadership team with guidance from the Rotary Club of Logan.

Students, staff, and community members gathered for this event, where student leaders read the peace message on the Pole in their native tongues.

‘Involving the leadership team and having them speak helped reinforce the message of peace, and the commitment of young people to live in harmony with people of all cultures,’ John says.

‘After the ceremony, our esteemed guests were all talking about how they could go back to their communities and help promote the Peace Pole ideal.

‘It brought more awareness that we can all work together to achieve a common goal.’

The pole is now the fifth in Logan, with other Peace Poles planned for Springwood Park and Eagleby.

John hopes that the Peace Poles will remind passersby to think and act in the spirit of peace.

‘Every time a student walks past the pole, they will have the opportunity to read the message and reflect,’ he says.

‘I hope they realise we can all live as one people, despite being from different lands with different customs.’

Learn more about the Rotary Club of Logan and the Peace Pole Project.

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