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Alternative schools in Logan

An increasing number of once-disengaged students are flourishing at alternative schools in the City of Logan. These schools are a lifeline for students facing challenges associated with disability, learning difficulties and individual circumstances. Curriculum plans are tailored to each student, with courses in everything from maths to emotional self-regulation. 

Ohana College

Ohana College’s new permanent Meadowbrook campus features all the bells and whistles to help re-engage students in education. This independent co-ed secondary special assistance school caters for a diverse range of learning, emotional, psychological and physical needs. Student welfare is of paramount importance here: youth workers, psychologists and nurses work on-site and breakfast, morning tea and lunch are provided. To care for those with specific needs, there is no lining up, no school bells and a very limited change of classrooms. The school itself has been designed thoughtfully, with features like breakout zones and noise-reducing acoustic panels to reduce sensory input for students.  

Address: 1 Facilities Lane, Meadowbrook

Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning Centre

Small cohort culture, horses and a supportive team dedicated to cultivating a sense of belonging – welcome to Carbrook Centre. The school operates under the premise that students who live with a disability or different socio-emotional needs often struggle to fit in at school, leading to disengagement. To combat this, staff conduct individual check-ins throughout the day, provide breakfast and host daily community lunches to encourage the development of meaningful peer connections. A group of animals – including horses, dogs, chickens and a pig – help to re-enact social stories that teach students how to connect, trust and interact with others.   

Address: 597-605 Beenleigh Redland Bay Road, Carbrook

The Centre Education Programme

The first alternative school in the City of Logan, this Kingston institution has served as the blueprint for 21 other flexible schools in Australia. Year 7 to 12 students are encouraged to develop their voice and agency while re-engaging in their learning in a non-judgmental and inclusive environment.

Address: 108 Mudgee Street, Kingston

Indie School Logan City

The Logan branch of Indie School aims to empower Year 9 to 12 students with a focus on mutual respect, accountability and greater autonomy. This independent school incorporates a hands-on and strengths-based approach in individualised learning plans, tailored to each student’s academic and personal circumstances. These plans support and track a student’s progress in social, academic and life skill development. With the help of the YMCA Breakfast Program, students also have the option of making their own meals or having meals made for them.  

Address: 59-63 Eastern Road, Browns Plains

Arethusa College

This independent special assistance school in Springwood prepares Year 7 to 12 students for the real world through innovative programs and a culture that reaffirms the intrinsic value of each student. The modern open-plan campus includes quiet and collaborative learning spaces, along with an outdoor kitchen and BBQ area for community lunch gatherings. Students have access to a range of External VET (TAFE), certificate courses and school-based traineeship opportunities to thrive after graduation.  

Address: 4 Jamberoo Street, Springwood

Logan City Special School

Since its opening in 1972, Logan City Special School has supported students from birth to Year 12. The staff work to create a quality, caring and dynamic learning environment for students with disability. A large percentage of the school cohort have additional disabilities, such as autism, hearing, vision and physical impairments.  

Address: 133 Wembley Road, Logan Central

The BUSY School

The BUSY School – a special assistance school for Year 11 and 12 students – is an alternative learning solution that supports re-engagement and post-graduation employment. Students follow individualised curriculum programs and are given the opportunity to start paid employment and training while still at school. There are also assisted vocational and tertiary education pathways available. Under the wing of supportive and empathetic staff in small classroom settings, students are equipped to succeed – uniforms, textbooks, stationery and food are all provided.  

Address: 37-43 Commercial Drive, Shailer Park

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