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Arts + Culture, Council, Kids + FamilySeptember 12, 2023 / 2 minute read

Warm welcomes, community connections: what libraries mean to us

Every day, thousands of people find something unique beyond the doors of the City of Logan’s 9 libraries.

It’s a haven for book lovers, of course. It’s a vibrant place of family, community and cultural learning, free access to online services, and warm welcomes. It’s a  safe space, and somewhere joyful to connect with others.

Libraries mean something very different to everyone – like Duku Forè and Aunty Robyn Williams, stars of a recent photoshoot promoting the new Logan Libraries free app.

For Duku, it was a safe place during childhood.

‘I used to get bullied at school, and as safe as my teachers would try to make school feel, I never got as much peace of mind as I always felt coming into the  library,’ he says.

‘It is one of those places in society where you don’t have to pretend to be anyone else: it doesn’t discriminate on age, race, what you sound like, or what you look like.’

Duku says when he visits the library now, he still feels the same vibe.

‘It feels like home, like a place that hasn’t forgotten me. It has that youthful spirit,’ he says.

For Aunty Robyn, libraries became part of her life as an adult. She sees the library as a key part of her community.

‘When you step into the library, it is such an accommodating, friendly place,’ she says.

‘The staff are amazing. Nothing is ever a hassle and everyone there really loves what they do.’

Aunty Robyn sources books, puzzles and games at Beenleigh Library for the work she does with children in holiday clubs, play groups, breakfast clubs and after-school clubs with Jinndi Mibbun in Beenleigh. In addition, she and the children she works with are responsible for beautiful displays in libraries  during NAIDOC Week.

‘It is always busy, there is always something happening, and it is great for people watching – but at the same time, it is my peaceful place too,’ Aunty Robyn says.

Find out more about Logan Libraries here.

Find out about the libraries app here.

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