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Empowering communities, from Cornubia to Cambodia

Cornubia resident Megan Leafe, a long-time member of the Logan Youth Action Group (LYAG), is making the City of Logan – and beyond – a better place to live, learn and grow.

The group provides young leaders, aged 14 to 24, the opportunity to bring about positive change through community projects.

‘LYAG is a great way to step out of your comfort zone – you’re meeting people outside of school and becoming aware of cultural and community issues,’ Megan says.

This positive mindset is what led her to volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia, last October. Megan, along with fellow Griffith Honours College students, spent 2 weeks teaching English, visiting cultural heritage sites and building a home for a low-income family.

‘The hands-on experience in the heat, coupled with meeting people in poverty, deepened my understanding of the challenges faced by the Cambodian people,’ she says.

After witnessing poverty first-hand, Megan is more motivated than ever to create awareness of these global challenges at a local level.

‘I’d like to join LYAG’s volunteering committee this year and push for more overseas volunteering opportunities,’ she says.

‘It’s important to see what’s out there to develop new approaches to help those that struggle with poverty and homelessness.’

Megan, who is currently pursuing a double degree in law and international relations with dreams of working in foreign policy, plans to be a part of that solution.

Learn more about Logan Youth Action Group.

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