• Director Nathan Bricknell of Logan business, JET Excavators and Trucks.
Council, Leisure, Movers + ShakersApril 07, 2022 / 3 minute read

Green fleet strategy sets sights on sustainable future

JET Excavators and Trucks has worked in partnership with Logan City Council for 15 years, and in that time, there have been many changes.  

Director Nathan Bricknell says not only has his business grown, with a larger fleet of vehicles and more sub-contractors  – but the focus of the industry has shifted too.  

‘If you go back a few years in our industry, customers have been focused solely on getting the job done right the first time at a good price. Although there has always been an awareness of the environment, this focus has sharpened over time,’ he says.  

This is reflected in Logan City Council’s new Green Fleet Strategy, which aims for all transport used in Council’s fleet and its partner companies to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. It requires that transport in Nathan’s fleets work towards meeting the Euro 5 Standard – which means a reduced amount of particle emissions from the vehicles.  

It’s a change Nathan is on board with.  

‘Sustainability and environmental impact is certainly something we have at the front of mind when we upgrade plant and equipment; while growth is important, we believe that how we grow matters. And our focus on the community, the income of our operators and the environment are an essential mix to a more sustainable future,’ he says.  

Nathan says while it can pose a challenge to the small businesses that JET partners with to provide services to Council. It helps to have a step-by-step strategy, showing the ultimate goals and the steps to get there.  

‘It helps people know what to expect and why these changes are happening so that businesses can plan for the future,’ he says.  

‘Many of the subcontractors we work with are smaller businesses. It is expensive to implement change, so there are some challenges, but it is the way of the future, and everyone agrees with the principle.

‘The more Councils and government have this requirement in contracts, the demand for technology that lowers emission will increase and the cheaper the upgrades will become for those smaller businesses.

‘I think Logan City Council has done an incredible job in giving people in the industry some time to adapt and taking some of those challenges into account while still having a clear goal.’ 

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