• Sandra Franklin and Margaret Moran, members of the Woodridge Wanderers walking group

22 years of walking for health and connection

Every weekday from 7 am, you’ll see an intrepid group walking laps of Logan Central Plaza. They are the Woodridge Wanderers and they’re all about health and companionship. 

The size of the group can vary between 5 and 20 people, and there’s often a brekky catch-up after the walk. It’s been this way since the group began 22 years ago. 

Since then, the walking group has been steadfast – and has improved the health of many, according to member Sandra Franklin. 

Sandra, who won the national Golden Shoe from the Heart Foundation in 2016, says she started walking due to heart problems. Seeing a flyer for the group, she started walking with the Wanderers in 2006. 

She’s now completed more than 2,000 walks. 

‘Gradually I began to see so many benefits,’ says Sandra. 

‘Since then, I have also had a stroke and I think the walking group has really helped me in my recovery with health issues. 

‘We worked out that 4 laps is a kilometre, and you can do as many or as few as you like,’ she says. 

‘It’s social as well – every Tuesday and Friday we do coffee and cake and then lunch once a month for anyone who has had a birthday. 

’Many people are on their own and wouldn’t otherwise have people to celebrate with.’ 

Sandra currently walks about 4 times a week. 

Fellow walker and original member Margaret Moran says it is the camaraderie that keeps her coming back. 

‘It is there every day and if someone who usually comes misses some of their usual days, we will get in touch and make sure everything is okay,’ she says. 

‘The fellowship of the group is really great. We also see that some of the grandkids who joined us as toddlers when we started are all grown up now – it’s lovely to see that too.’ 

Find out more on the Heart Foundation’s website here: Woodridge Wanderers | Heart Foundation Walking.   

Anyone interested in joining the Woodridge Wanderers can call the group’s coordinator Carole on 0412 770 747. 


Sandra Franklin with her Heart Foundation award

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