• Jackie Bailey.

How faith creates change

According to Jackie Bailey, it’s time for women to reclaim and shape faith.

Jackie is not only an author, funeral director, civil celebrant, and minister but also an advocate for equality.

She will be speaking at the WOW (Women of the World) Australia Festival at the Logan Entertainment Centre on 16 July about faith as a conduit for positive social change. WOW Logan provides a stage for women’s voices to be heard through a series of colourful performances, workshops and panels with celebrated homegrown speakers.

‘Faith brings community together and allows us to connect with something bigger than ourselves,’ Jackie says.

‘I think for a lot of people, religion and faith have become outdated, but we can reclaim it and find something that isn’t as exclusionary.

‘A lot of religions use faith to look backwards but it should be future focused – it’s about radical acts of resistance and change in order to live life with meaning.’

Jackie holds a Masters in Theology and is currently one of the only ordained interfaith ministers in Australia.

‘Faith is incredibly powerful as a place for women to reclaim spirituality and meaning without all the cultural baggage – which has been the problem with religion and faith,’ she says.

‘I couldn’t buy into any religion based on misogyny – this led me to finding the interfaith movement which combines the world’s religions with a very strong social agenda.’

Her most recent work in progress is an examination of faith to guide others on their spiritual journeys.

She hopes her work will inspire others to enact impactful change and spend more time in service for their communities.

Don’t miss out on this 2-day celebration of women and community – learn more about the WOW Logan event and get your tickets now.

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