• Logan City's Australian National Flag Association group.

National Flag Association Logan chapter seeks new members 

For John Miller, Jim Dennis and members of Logan City’s Australian National Flag Association group, the Australian flag is an important symbol of national history and pride. 

The members of the Logan branch  work together  to share the significance of the flag with Logan’s schoolchildren on Australian National Flag Day in September each year.  

‘The kids always love it and we share lots of facts with them about the flag that they may not know,’ Jim says. 

‘It really is a highlight, and we think it’s important for children to learn about the history of the flag.’ 

That history includes being the only flag in the world that was designed by a winning competition entry. 

It is also the only National Flag to fly over an entire continent. 

‘In 1900, this competition to design the new flag had 32,823 entries,’ John says. 

‘It turned out that 5 of those entries were almost identical, so there were 5 winners. One of them was a 14 year old school boy, Ivor Evans.’  The 5 winners shared the prize money. 

Jim and John say they are seeking new members for the Logan Branch, which currently has about 20 in the group. 

‘We really would like to see some younger members join up, so that the association can continue in new hands,’ says John. 

‘The group is non-political and acts to educate and remind people of the importance of our flag. 

‘The flag is unique because it represents so many things – the Union Jack (the flag flown by James Cook) the Southern Cross (the constellation in our southern sky), the Federation Star (symbolising the states and territories) and the blue background to represent our blue sky and that our Nation is surrounded by sea.’  

Jim agrees. 

‘So many Australians have fought and died under this flag – medals have been awarded to sportspeople under it – it is important to acknowledge these things,’ he says. 

Anyone interested in joining the Association should call 0427 744 809 or email Lynne Porter on lpo96607@bigpond.net.au

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