• sign advising people not to leave rubbish

Tidy town awards on the horizon

Division 2 recently hosted a pilot program to reduce illegal roadside rubbish dumping and the results show the local community wants to help tackle this issue.
‘When we think of illegal dumping, we picture trucks offloading commercial waste. Residents throwing their furniture and rubbish onto footpaths has become the biggest issue and we are offended that our ratepayers’ dollars are spent cleaning up their mess,’ Cr Lane says.
In just one month of the pilot, 79 residential waste-related offences were identified and more than 55,000 litres of waste dumped in a public space was removed at no cost to ratepayers.
Plans are under way to make this a full-time program.
‘The program relies on community members reporting illegal footpath dumping, and council has made it easier to report dumpers,’ Cr Lane says.
‘If you see a neighbour or anyone dumping rubbish onto the roadside – don’t let it slide, please scan the QR code on this page and report it straight away.‘

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