A taste of Lebanon in Slacks Creek

Noureldin Breis grew up surrounded by the aroma of buttery phyllo pastry and sweet honey syrup in a Lebanese household.

His parents often baked a variety of Mediterranean and Lebanese pastries, leaving them wrapped up at home for guests to enjoy.

Now the Breis family is the proud owner of Sooo Sweet in Slacks Creek, an authentic Lebanese bakery that rolls out more than 100 kilograms of pastry per week.

‘When we moved up from Melbourne, we realised there weren’t any Lebanese bakeries here,’ Noureldin says.

‘We grew slowly and never expected to become this popular.

‘Now there are 9 other businesses that have set up shop around us.’

Celebrity chef Ainsley Harriot has also visited Sooo Sweet for an episode of Ainsley’s Australian Market Menu.

The bakery is reminiscent of traditional storefronts in Lebanon, with glass display cabinets lined with a variety of colourful treats embellished with powdered sugar and syrup.

‘Lebanese bakeries all have the same setup, from Lebanon to Sydney,’ Noureldin says.

‘When customers come into our shop, they say they feel like they’re at home.’

Based on family recipes, the pastries are traditional with a twist, featuring new ingredients like hazelnut and almond.

Noureldin’s favourite type of dessert is mamouul ashta, a crunchy semolina-based dessert with clotted cream and pistachios.

‘The sweets here are really well balanced – they’re really light and you don’t feel sick to your stomach from the sugar,’ Nourdelin says.

‘We get all kinds of customers coming back because our pastries are so different to what other bakeries offer.’

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