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Water-flavoured podcast floats life’s fundamental ideas and insights

Logan Water consulting engineer and hobbyist wine maker, Anthony Domanti, found himself at a crossroad looking for direction when the idea of starting a podcast with his friend and ex-colleague, Simon Hawkes, dawned on him. 

With a knack for deep conversations and curiosity about people and their stories, Anthony and Simon launched the podcast in July 2022 and they have co-hosted 18 episodes to date.  

The Good Drop podcast has explored topics such as leadership, sustainability, motivation and resilience. The podcast hosted TV celebrity, Gus Worland, as well as everyday people with extraordinary experiences or insights to share.  

Anthony says the pearls of wisdom from his guests on the show have been life changing for him.  

‘I may be a water engineer, but I was scared to swim and could not breathe under water. However, the amazing wisdom and teachings of karate master and brick layer, Noel Peters, helped me overcome my fear,’ Anthony says.  

‘As a guest on the show, Noel spoke about the Japanese concept kaizen or continuous improvement – so small changes every day can have a huge, exponential impact over time. He said to keep making little changes every day until I find my rhythm.’  

‘I started going to the pool regularly and initially just splashed in the water, but I kept going to the pool until I found my rhythm in the water, and now I’m a competent swimmer and not scared of the water.  

‘It also helped me lose 11 kilos and last Christmas, I managed to swim in the ocean for the first time in my life, which was an incredible experience.’  

Anthony says it’s uncanny how the advice he needs seems to show up for him on the podcast time and again, and the podcast is now an integral part of his purpose. 

‘The podcast supported me with my life challenges, gave me fulfilment, and helped me to stay connected with my friend, Simon. Though we no longer work at the same place, co-hosting the show has meant we are always in touch,’ he says.  

‘It also gave me the opportunity to share knowledge and wisdom and give back to others. We’ve received wonderful feedback from listeners, who are touched and inspired by hearing our guests’ unique thoughts and powerful life stories. 

‘It’s definitely been my ikigai – a Japanese philosophy to describe a passion that gives value to life.’  

Anthony says while the podcast was originally intended for water industry professionals, the show’s audience is evolving. 

‘With 2 water engineers hosting the program, some of the episodes are water-flavoured, but the conversation is ideal for anyone keen to understand the fundamentals of life,’ he says.  

‘We are finding more women are listening to the show in recent months, which is wonderful.’ 

Anthony is also a keen wine maker and for the past 20 years, he has been processing grapes at home to produce around 200 litres of wine per year. His skill has been recognised with medals at several amateur wine competitions in Australia and internationally. 

The Good Drop podcast is free to access on Spotify and Apple.  

You can also find details on each episode on Water Industry Podcast | The Good Drop Podcast

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