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Musical youth called up for Bands Battle

Liam has mixed it with some of Australia’s renowned music producers, Joshua’s expertise has helped the success stories of festivals across the country, while Kat’s been in the lineup on stage and behind the scenes from Big Day Out to Woodford Folk Festival.

Now these 3 Brisbane music industry professionals, Liam Brimble, Joshua Taylor-Anderson and Kat Bermingham, are stepping up as inaugural judges for the very first Amplify Battle Of The Bands being held in Logan for bands with members aged from 12 to 18.

Amplify judge Liam Brimble says the stakes are well worth it for young bands hoping to make a name for themselves with their original music. The winners will head into the Alchemix Recording Studio in South Brisbane for a 2-day professional session.

‘The major prize is coming into the studio with us and we will record them and give them that experience of putting together their song, nurture them and encourage them and get their dream happening to be on Spotify and other platforms,’ Liam says, in his role as recording engineer, producer and mix engineer.

‘Being able to record their song and have that studio experience of building the song is an awesome thing for a band starting out and they can take their song away with them and release it into the world. They could be the next Silverchair, who knows?’

The ‘Amplify’ bands competition – open to bands within City of Logan and also beyond the city limits – is being produced by the team at Logan Entertainment Centre (LEC), where the event will take place on Saturday, 12 October, 2024.

Bands need to submit a nomination by 1 September, and those accepted into the finals will be notified by 12 September. They will then play up to 3 original songs live on stage for the judges and audience on 12 October, with the winner named Amplify Band of the Year.

Organisers say the Amplify title symbolises the battle’s purpose to ‘amplify’ young people’s voices and put the next generation of musicians into the spotlight.

‘The event is focused on young people creating original music, and to provide a platform for them to develop their own sound, and tell their stories,’ the LEC event team says. ‘We want to empower young people to have agency over their musical development.’

The organisers felt it was vital the event judges were industry professionals to create a bridge between young musicians and the music industry. ‘This is such a unique opportunity for our local bands to play in front of the current movers and shakers in the music world.’

Above: Amplify Battle Of The Bands judges Joshua Taylor-Anderson and Kat Bermingham.

Liam agrees, saying it’s a special moment when bands play on stage for the first time. ‘The energy you get when you play in front of live audience – that’s a whole other thing when you have kids in bands that have been practising in their garage for months on end or playing in front of a mirror pretending to be on stage,’ Liam says.

‘So getting to do it and having that transcending feeling of finally doing something and your dream of playing to an audience in a large room is very big.’

As for that winning factor judges will be looking for, Liam advises entrants to not worry about what other acts are doing. ‘Whatever is your thing, your genre, just own it and the audience will love you for it,’ Liam says.

‘It is daunting to judge when every band will bring something different and unique and special and everyone has a different character as well.

‘It will come down to the taste and power and performance in the end.’

The judging trio all have industry experience working alongside some major music acts and industry identities.

Liam is a graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music who played in bands before his studio career, where he has worked alongside renowned producers and engineers such as Mark Opitz, known for his work with INXS, ACDC, KISS, Paul Kelly and Cold Chisel.

Kat Bermingham, who has Bachelor of Music degree and spent years teaching school programs, is also a musician with music management expertise who has both worked and played at major festivals, including most recently at BIGSOUND 2023 as the Operations Manager.

Joshua Taylor-Anderson, CEO and founder of Call & Response Group, has promoted Australian music and supported artist development for the past 16 years, contributing to festivals and major events throughout the country.

For details on how to nominate and enter for free by 1 September, visit Calling entrants for Amplify Battle of the Bands – LoganARTS. Also read the details below …

How to enter

Entry is free.

Schools/bands are required to submit their nomination by 1 September, 2024.

Bands accepted into the finals will be notified on Thursday, 12 September, 2024.

Students must be between the ages of 12 to 18 and be able to perform up to 3 original songs. Songs must not contain any inappropriate language or offensive content and must be suitable for a family audience.

The finals will be held at Logan Entertainment Centre on Saturday, 12 October.

Each band will be allocated a sound check on Saturday afternoon and will play live that evening for judges and audiences.

The winning bands will be announced at the end of the evening.

Tickets for the final will be available for sale from August on the Logan Arts website at

By Rachel Syers

Photo at top: Amplify Battle Of The Bands judge Liam Brimble inside the Alchemix Recording Studio.

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