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New workshops ensure the arts are for everyone

A series of workshops coming to KBF Cultural Precinct in 2024 will cater to people who are neurodivergent or living with a disability. 

Class teachers Rebecca Alexander and Catarina Hebbard have been running these drama workshops with indelabilityarts for years – and say it’s among the most rewarding things they’ve done. 

This is a big call, with both women having a long list of accolades in the drama world, with their bios telling of acting, writing and directing across decades.  They are also both teachers, having worked in the special education space.  

‘Our workshops are for people who are either interested in having a good time, meeting new people and learning about the arts, or people who know they want a career in the arts and our goal is to help in creating a pathway for them,’ Catarina says. 

‘We make sure that no matter what people are looking for from our workshops, they will find it. 

‘And every group is different. Often that can mean going in with plenty of prep and planning – and then throwing it all out of the window and working with our group and what they need. 

‘We identify really early the people who are ready for a challenge and to step up – and we give them more responsibility and the people who are there for connection with others. For those people, we make sure it is fun.’ 

The workshops are for recent school leavers and young adults. 

Rebecca says seeing the growth of participants is rewarding. 

‘The development of participants is brilliant and it’s wonderful to see people develop skills, a friendship group, and to pull together as an ensemble,’ she says. 

‘A big thing with people who have disabilities is that they get written off so quickly, but we are determined to make sure they are seen for the potential and skills they have. 

‘We are really excited to be bringing these workshops to Logan.’ 

Catarina says the energy of the workshops is infectious. 

‘With these workshops, it doesn’t matter how exhausted you are or what baggage you have – the groups are so filled with energy that you become energised too,’ she says. 

The workshops will begin on 23 January and go for a 10-week term, intending to run them all year, with a performance at the end. 

The first class is free. All the information you need is here: IndelabilityArts Drama Workshop Series – LoganARTS %

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