Badminton, a smash hit

At 10 pm on a Wednesday night, Sky Badminton is buzzing with activity.

Located on an unassuming block in Logan Central, Sky is now the southside’s largest badminton complex. Run by former Chinese national team players, couple Ricky Yu and Rosy Tang, who have dedicated their lives to the sport.

‘We’re too old to play now, so our goal is to show people the magic of badminton,’ Ricky says.

‘It’s a professional, incredibly technical Olympic sport and we’ve spent the last 6 years building this huge community.’

Players of all ages flock to the complex for organised and informal games, greeted by familiar and friendly faces.

“We wanted to give back to the community and give our players the best experience possible with the best courts available.”

— Ricky Yu

Once virtually impossible to book even a week in advance, Sky Badminton has recently expanded and now boasts 23 regulation-size courts and 200 parking spaces.

‘We picked Logan because of the great location and facilities – it’s central between Brisbane and Gold Coast and close to schools,’ he says.

‘The community has been so supportive; even Councillor Teresa Lane has joined us for a game before.’

More than just a home court, Sky Badminton is a home for many.

With training camp programs that span 8 hours during the day and fully booked courts at night, badminton has become part of the social fabric in the City of Logan.

It’s not unusual to see groups congregating around the complex even after their games have finished.

‘We wanted to give back to the community and give our players the best experience possible with the best courts available,’ Ricky says.

‘Some stadiums skimp on the courts by laying concrete instead of timber – don’t ask me how much we spent on our timber floors.’

The investment looks to be paying off, as Sky is the home court for Oceania’s junior champion and several potential Olympians for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

‘Badminton is just a beautiful sport and you can also fix a lot of body issues with it,’ Ricky says.

Sky Badminton is located on 116 Wembley Rd, Logan Central QLD 4114.

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