Finding peace in a pandemic

As a way of coping with stress during COVID-19, many turned to mindfulness for inner peace. For Belinda Hsueh, practicing mindfulness can help us find happiness and joy in our lives.

Mindfulness, which has become part and parcel of the modern wellness movement, can be traced back to Buddhist traditions.

The former President of the Buddha’s Light International Association Young Adult Division (BLIA YAD) Queensland Subdivision, Belinda views Buddhism as a way of life.

“Buddhism fundamentally promotes peace and harmony – this can be done through looking within our mind and being mindful of our actions when interacting with others.”

— Belinda Hsueh

‘It’s essentially equipped me with a toolkit to navigate around the challenges that are presented to us in life through having a positive mindset,’ she says.

‘Understanding key Buddhism concepts such as impermanence, suffering and the Three Acts of Goodness are examples of how we can shift our mindset.

‘For example, understanding impermanence gives us hope that lockdowns will not last forever. Through the passing of time, we can look forward to a brighter future.’

Belinda continues to be involved in BLIA YAD, a non-profit Buddhist organisation that nurtures the next generation through establishing their faith in Buddhism and promoting the importance of contributing to society.

Many of their events are held at Chung Tian Temple in Priestdale.

BLIA YAD at Chung Tian Temple.

The BLIA team preparing for Lunar New Year celebrations at Chung Tian Temple.

A tranquil sanctuary nestled among trees and parklands, the temple has benefited from the Logan City Council EnviroGrants program which provides funding to enhance and protect the natural environment.

Chung Tian Temple hosts a variety of events, ranging from tai chi classes to Chinese New Year celebrations which are sponsored by Logan City Council.

‘We receive so much wonderful support by Council and locals,’ Belinda says.

‘The temple is a beautiful symbol for peace and multiculturalism in the City of Logan, where people can connect with their cultural heritage.’

Belinda’s favourite event is the Buddha Birth Day Festival (BDDF), a 3-day event which will be held at the temple on 6 to 8 May 2022.

Last year, the festival attracted visitors from all walks of life, demonstrating a growing curiosity about Buddhism in the wider community.

‘Hundreds of volunteers are required, and everybody enjoys the camaraderie involved in setting up such a meaningful event,’ she says.

‘It’s also a great opportunity to promote Buddhism, which is so beneficial to modern society.

‘Buddhism fundamentally promotes peace and harmony – this can be done through looking within our mind and being mindful of our actions when interacting with others.’

Learn more about Chung Tian Temple and other Logan events here. Follow this link for more information about BLIA YAD and how to join them in Logan community events.

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