• The Roceels team in Beenleigh.

Get more than a meal at Roceels

The Tuesday night dinner menu at Roceels is ever-changing – depending on supplies and produce, there might be fish burgers or a buttery crumb-topped mac and cheese.

What never changes is that every meal on Tuesday night is free.

“The dinner is open to all – everyone is welcome to come and spend some time together over a meal, even if they’re not struggling.”

— Rochelle Arnott

Run by Rochelle Arnott, Roceels is the go-to spot for traditional brunch fare, high tea and pastries by day. On Tuesday nights after the café closes, volunteers gather to provide free dinners and food hampers for those in need.

A baker by trade, Rochelle Arnott has been helping others since she was a child.

‘I grew up in a smaller community with a big family and friends – although we had nothing, people would always help each other,’ she says.

‘I just like to help others. Someone would tell me a sad story and I’d be there to help; I’ve even let people in need live in my home.’

When she isn’t baking for her customers, she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her team for the Tuesday night feeds.

The rotating menu features ready-made meals from the food bank, or whatever the team can cook up with donated ingredients.

On an average night, they feed up to 30 diners – and there’s always dessert.

‘If anything, we make sure the food is good,’ Rochelle says.

‘The dinner is open to all – everyone is welcome to come and spend some time together over a meal, even if they’re not struggling.

‘It makes me really happy to see our little Roceels family grow and help each other. For example, someone needed nappies and another lady brought her some soon after.’

Rochelle’s next big plan is to expand and provide training opportunities for people with disabilities to gain employment.

‘I was diagnosed with depression, ADD and Asperger’s so I understand what it’s like to fall on hard times,’ she says.

‘It’s not enough to just help people by feeding them – we need something bigger in the community to help people fix themselves, get a job and live normally again.’

If you’d like to donate, volunteer or check out what Rochelle’s been baking, visit the Roceels Facebook page.

The cafe is located on 3/62 George St, Beenleigh QLD 4207.

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