• Mel and Chris McGaw at Cycas Court, Corubia

Is this the friendliest street in Logan?

How well do you know your neighbours? Do you think you live in a friendly street? 

Mel and Chris McGaw reckon their street is among the most neighbourly in the City of Logan. The couple has lived in Cycas Court, Cornubia, for 23 years and say it’s always been that way.

Christmas parties, Halloween tours, regular get-togethers, a system of looking out for each other, and a range of regular helping hands and care packages mean everyone on the street is part of a warm, supportive and safe community. 

Mel, who is the driving force behind several of the street’s regular get-togethers, says it started small. 

‘My daughter was born just after we moved here, and there were some other young families here as well at the time – we started to meet up and it grew from there,’ she says. 

‘I started to arrange a Halloween event for families in the street, which everyone attended, and from there it evolved into this wonderful thing where we all really look out for each other.  

‘We started to have Christmas parties and more regular get-  togethers – and I put together the street list.’ 

The street list is a list of names and phone numbers of all residents so  they can contact each other.  People who move in receive a list and are invited to share their details as well – although they don’t have to. 

‘We take in deliveries for each other and look after each other’s pets, and keep an eye on houses when people are away. One of our neighbours regularly mows all of the footpath strips and front yards on his mower, free of charge. We all know each other’s children and get along really well,’ Mel says. 

‘It feels really safe and it’s just a nice way to live. We all look after each other.’ 

With regular Sunday night get-togethers, pizza parties, ‘drive in’ movie nights using a projector screen and more, the neighbourhood sticks together – and during COVID was no exception. 

‘We would arrange to have socially-distanced outdoor gatherings and checked up on each other,’ Mel says. 

‘We have a great baker on the street who put together care packages for everyone, we put out teddies for children to find when they were out walking, and just stayed in touch.’ 

“It feels really safe and it’s just a nice way to live. We all look after each other.”

— Mel McGaw

Unsurprisingly, while there have been some people come and go, the residents of Cycas Court tend to stay around for a while – and new neighbours are generally delighted by the close-knit street. 

But what about those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in such a connected place? Mel’s advice is to start small. 

‘Talk to a few people who live closest to you – just reach out and have a conversation,’ she says. 

‘Most people want to live in a friendly, safe place, so people respond well.’ 

Do you think your street could give Cycas Court a run for its money? Let us know about it! Neighbour Day is on 27 March 2022 and in the lead-up, Logan City Council is keen to hear from locals about their experiences with great neighbours. Share your story with us between now and 13 March for your chance to win, and to feature as part of Neighbour Day in Logan. Head here for more information. 

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