• Lynn and Kym Calder, founders and owners of Logan business, BBQ to You.

Serving up favourite foods for 16 years

Lynn and Kym Calder, founders and owners of BBQ to You, reckon nothing beats working for themselves – even though the past couple of years have been among the most challenging they have experienced.

The couple has owned catering provider and food van BBQ to You for 16 years and it’s always been popular among Logan locals, whether at weddings, private functions, corporate parties, outdoor radio broadcasts or community events.

Between COVID cancellations and severe weather, they’ve had to roll with a lot of punches lately – but have come out stronger than ever, recently taking  the helm of Logan Village RSL’s kitchen for 3 nights a week.

BBQ to You started small.

‘Kym worked as a cook in the army for 22 years and then worked for other people – and we always knew that wasn’t what we wanted,’ Lynn says.

‘We bought a barbecue and trailer and a van, and we just started  doing sausage sizzles in the community – then we decided to make a real go of it.’

They put together a website and created a menu, and things have continued to grow and blossom for the last 16 years.

While Kym is the man behind the grill, Lynn is the event booker, admin manager – and social butterfly.

‘I love socialising,  getting to meet so many kinds of people and building relationships with people who use us regularly is great,’ she says.


Like many in their industry, they have had to pivot in the past couple of years.

‘COVID was what prompted us to start our food truck as we weren’t able to provide our usual service. But we could do that (the food truck), and we really needed the sense of purpose – even if things were quiet,’ Lynn says.

The menu at BBQ to You is popular traditional fare: steak, sausages and roasts with all the sides.

‘Sometimes we try out new things, but the old favourites always remain the most popular,’ Lynn says.

Both say that some days are hard and the hours are long – but the rewards are worth it.

‘The business means that we reap the rewards for every long day,’ Kym says.

‘We work very hard but whenever I feel like I am driving myself into the ground, it is worth it because it is building up something for us.’

Lynn is also on the Board of the Logan Regional Chamber of Commerce and says it is great to talk to other local business owners across Logan.

‘I have always wondered what I would have to offer in a role like that, but I have learned that opening up and sharing ideas is so useful – to me and to others as well,’ she says.

‘It’s also great to be a part of the local business community.’

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