Jason is tinnie hero of Tygum Road

A humble concreter is being hailed as one of the unsung heroes of the recent floods, which devastated parts of Division 5 and other areas across the City of Logan.
Waterford West resident, Jason Rogers, 36, mows lawns and is a keen fisherman who runs the Logan Bullshark Fishing group in his spare time.
Jason lives in an area that can get cut off by flood waters when the nearby Logan River spills across Tygum Road.
Just as he did in the 2017 floods, Jason used his 3.9-metre ‘tinnie’ and his wealth of boating knowledge, to ferry fellow residents across the
flooded local roads.
He can only guess how many crossings he made during an all-day stint at the height of the flood.
‘Maybe 50, maybe 100. Every time I got to the other side, there was someone new who wanted to go back with me,’ Jason says.
Jason’s brave contribution to the flood response, all at his own expense, allowed others to stock up on food supplies and fuel for generators.
One passenger included an interstate traveller trying to get home.
‘She wanted to get back to her dog, so I told her to throw her luggage in the boat and I took her across,’ Jason says.
Division 5 Councillor, Deputy Mayor, Jon Raven says Jason’s can-do attitude and determination to help others reflected the strong community spirit among many Division 5 residents during the severe weather event.
‘This was a disaster that has impacted many residents and businesses and it was heartening to see how much people wanted to help each other in a time of crisis,’ Cr Raven says.
‘People like Jason make our city a great place to live. He saw that people needed help and he knew he could help them safely. He truly is a
community champion.’

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