• Photo_Cr Teresa Lane in the safety camera room
Council, Division 2June 09, 2023 / 1 minute read

More cameras keep our neighbourhoods safer

There will be fresh eyes trained upon Division 2 streets as new safety cameras are installed in coming months.

Cameras will soon be switched on in Woodridge and Kingston. They will join more than 1,100 which are operating throughout the city.

Division 2 Councillor Teresa Lane says the additional safety cameras will be welcomed by the local community.

‘Anything we can do to make our residents safer is a good thing,’ Cr Lane says.

A Safe City survey by Council in 2022 revealed that 52 per cent of respondents felt the cameras increased safety when they were out and about.

Residents are certainly becoming more active in reporting concerns, knowing the safety camera network is tracking people in the community who are up to no good,’ Cr Lane says.

Division 2 has 91 cameras, with more set to be purchased next financial year using Council funding through the Division 2 Local Infrastructure Program.

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