A homegrown global success story

From a makeshift space in his living room, Meadowbrook-based entrepreneur Glenn Honey turned a small business into a leading Australian medical supply company that serves and benefits the community.

In his previous managerial role at a pre-digital medical imaging supplies company, he witnessed the end of the product lifecycle. He also identified new opportunities in customer demand for radiation protection.

Imaging Solutions is now a standout in the industry and the City of Logan’s economic upswing.

For 15 years, Glenn has kept his homegrown business in the hands of the neighbourhood.

‘Being based in Logan was a case of great location with access to logistics and people. Logan has a concentration of industry and all the infrastructure we need to support the business,’ says Glenn.

Today, Imaging Solutions is booming with multiple state-of-the-art facilities and a dynamic team that is completely Logan-based.

‘To ensure we attract and keep great people, we’ve designed a unique working environment in Logan that is very different to other areas,’ he says.

‘We have first-class quality of working life and facilities, with over 144 years of combined industry experience.’

Imaging Solutions remains on an upward trajectory. It was recently awarded a $2 million grant from the Queensland Government to onshore the manufacture of critical personal radiation protection apparel to help support local production and job creation.

‘Our export market is growing rapidly and there’s more onshoring now, which means local jobs as we won’t need to rely on other countries as we’ll have our own supply chain security,’ says Glenn.

‘Logan is becoming a hub that is setting new benchmarks, which means Queenslanders will have access to high standards of health while producing products we currently import from other countries with vastly different working conditions.’

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