Taste and tradition at Mama’s

You’ll feel right at home at Mama’s Place in Springwood, where Anisoara Herdi checks up on diners as they linger over hearty bowls of soup and rustic European breads.

Mama’s Place is the go-to spot for Romanian fare in the area, catering to both nostalgic Europeans and anyone looking for a quality meal made from scratch.

With a rotating menu that includes favourites like meatball and vegetable soup, lasagna, and cabbage rolls, diners return in droves for both the food and Romanian hospitality.

Family-owned and operated by Anisoara and her daughter Beatrice, food is how they connect to their heritage and greater community.

‘Every dish we make shares our history and culture – mum grew up in a family of 12, so they were always laughing and yelling in the kitchen,’ Beatrice says.

‘Romanian food culture revolves around family and friends cooking together, so everything mum makes has a lot of heart and takes a lot of time.

‘Even our bread dough is temperamental just like us Europeans. The temperature must be exact; you can’t leave doors open and it has to be made fresh that day or it loses its integrity.’

One example is a popular treat eaten over Easter called cozonac, a sweet and fluffy marbled bread filled with cocoa, walnut, and poppy seeds.

During Easter, the mother-daughter duo receive so many orders that they bake until 2 or 3 am in the morning.

‘We’re so blessed to have this much community support – if I’m late with opening up the shop, people would help me set up,’ Beatrice says.

‘It’s a great spot – we get customers from all the nearby offices and a diverse mix of people, some who specifically visit Logan to try our food.’

Above all else, Beatrice cherishes how much time she gets to spend with her mother.

Check out what’s cooking for the day on the Mama’s Place Facebook page or drop by to visit Beatrice and Anisoara at 9/3-15 Dennis Rd, Springwood QLD 4127. 

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