• Muay Thai champion and Logan local Kim Townsend
Council, LeisureJuly 17, 2023 / 4 minute read

Logan’s Kim Townsend on top of the world in Muay Thai

Kim Townsend has conquered the world of Muay Thai – literally. She’s beaten everyone. 

The world champion and 2022 Logan Sportswoman/Sportsperson of the Year award recipient has been extremely busy since taking away the top award last year. It was an accolade she was delighted to receive, even as someone accustomed to winning titles. 

‘It’s different when people outside the sport acknowledge you, because Muay Thai tends to go under the radar,’ Kim says. 

‘To get that support from the broader sporting community was amazing, and a big surprise.’ 

Kim’s next award was a biggie – she took out a world title for World Muaythai Council. This particular win meant that Kim has officially won all the title belts it is possible to win in the sport. 

So, what was next for a world champion?  

Next, she fought in a World Boxing Council Muay Thai World Diamond Championship with a former world champion, becoming the first woman in the world to take home that prestigious title too.  

Now, all that’s left to do is defend her titles against an ambitious crop of fighters training hard to take the titles Kim currently holds. 

‘It’s pretty random to be where I am now. I never thought that it would happen that I would have all these titles and be defending them,’ Kim says. 

In fact, when she started competing in Muay Thai in 2010, there were so few women in the sport that she took on every fight she could – jumping in at the last minute when others pulled out, even fighting well outside her weight category, just to get the chance to compete. 

‘Back then, I was in Perth and would have to fly to fight – I would go anywhere to get my fight quotas up,’ Kim says – adding that her love of the sport meant nothing would stop her. 

‘It’s just a different discipline where you really have to push yourself, and I believe it’s 90 per cent a mental game,’ she says. 

‘Apart from the fight itself, it’s the training, getting up early to run, skipping, eating properly. I like that challenge.’ 

Kim trains for 20-plus hours a week, combining cardio, strength and pad work.  

But, she says, those looking to try Muay Thai shouldn’t be daunted. 

‘It’s obviously different when you are competing but I think Muay Thai has something for everyone – it is so great for all levels of fitness, all ages. It feels good and strengthens your whole body,’ she says. 

Kim trains young Muay Thai fighters at Muaythai Mulisha, the fight gym she runs with partner and coach Chris from their Munruben property. Some of their junior fighters are already world champions at junior level. 

Do you know a sporting superstar in Logan? Nominations are now open for the 2023 City of Logan Sports Awards. 

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