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Mowing crews keep on trimming

Winning the turf war against rampant paspalum

The 24 million mark has been reached in Logan City Council’s mammoth mowing response, but the work is unrelenting as nature keeps resetting the clock.

That’s how many square metres of grass that Council crews have mowed and brush cut since the beginning of January in Council parks, on footpaths and along road verges.

But like a teenager’s shaggy hair, there has been rapid regrowth and some areas are already needing another trim.

City of Logan Mayor Darren Power described the turf war as like fighting with a double-edged sword – for every positive there can be a negative.

“The sunshine of the last few weeks has allowed mowing crews to really get on top of things in many areas, but it also has been ideal weather for grass to grow back,” Councillor Power said.

“Just like many residents dealing with repeat mows of their own overgrown lawns, Council has welcomed the end of summer and we look forward to getting many more sites mowed in coming weeks.

“With the level of regrowth now much lower than the grass height a month or so ago, crews can really accelerate their runs as they work through the mowing schedule.

“We just ask for everyone to be patient because 24 million square metres equates to a lot of backyards.”

The most common type of grass found in many local parks and verges is the fast-growing Bahia grass (Paspalum Notatum).

It is a perennial that tolerates low-fertile soils and can survive on about 500mm of water or rain per year. Some parts of Logan received more than that rainfall in December and January alone.

To slice the Bahia and its long, wispy seed heads back to ground level, prompt action by Council includes:

  • Additional mowing contractors continue to be engaged to support existing crews.
  • Council mowing teams have collectively logged hundreds of hours overtime, including weekends when weather has been favourable, to get on top of the mowing task.
  • Council maintenance schedules have ensured all mowing equipment repairs were given top priority and replacement equipment was on standby.

Residents who wish to report a public space that urgently needs mowing can report it through Online Services or call Council on 3412 3412.


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