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Creating pathways a passion for volunteers

Keen mountain biker David Moss is part of a small, hardworking team of TrailCare volunteers working to create new cycling trails in the Spring Mountain Forest Park in Greenbank. 

The team is helping protect local bushland by using sustainable trail maintenance and building practices, making the most of what David calls a ‘wonderful piece of land’. 

‘The responsibility of TrailCare is to create quality trails while taking into account the flora and fauna that exists there, and do it in a sustainable manner,’ he says. 

‘There is a high demand in this area that will only continue to grow as more people move here, and most mountain bikers are always looking for new and challenging riding experiences. The more options we have here the better.’ 

David has been involved in trail work for more than 15 years, and mountain biking for 20. He’s been team leader in the Spring Mountain Forest Park Volunteers for 2 years. 

TrailCare volunteers maintain, improve, and introduce new features and alignments, minimise the impacts of erosion, and control weeds on existing trails. 

The current Spring Mountain TrailCare team of about 6 meet monthly, and David  welcomes more volunteers.  

‘The more the merrier – anyone willing to help can be shown how to do this and of course become experienced productive regulars very quickly,’ he says. 

‘If every mountain biker in the area spent 3 hours a year helping with the trails, what could be achieved in any mountain bike trail network would be phenomenal. There are thousands of mountain bikers but not many TrailCare volunteers. 

‘Most trail carers agree there is no better feeling than riding on a trail you have developed, and  introducing your mates to it.’ 

If you are interested in helping out, you can see the TrailCare schedule here: TrailCare – Logan City Council 

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