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A home for greater gliders

Ever since Hannah Thomas spent her childhood exploring the towering sea cliffs on the northern Scottish coast, she has been fascinated with nature.

Braving gale-force wind and rain to spot puffins, orcas and seals as a child set Hannah on a path that has led her to help the wildlife within the City of Logan.

Fast forward to today, Hannah is a project officer at Wildlife Queensland and is working across major projects to protect species like greater gliders, which are fluffy possum-like marsupials.

Greater gliders call old-growth forests home and as a result, their population decline has been driven by land-clearing, forest degradation and climate change.

‘Greater gliders can be particularly susceptible to these threats because they have a low reproductive rate, are sensitive to disturbances and are not good at moving through areas of non-forest,’ Hannah says.

To combat this, Wildlife Queensland has installed nest boxes and carved tree hollows in Chambers Flat and will be hosting a community workshop to teach locals how to spotlight and protect the species.

Hannah says the project wouldn’t be viable without Logan City Council’s Envirogrants program.

‘Funding is so important. Installing nest boxes at the height required for greater gliders is very expensive, as it requires tree climbing with specialist knowledge and equipment,’ she says.

‘We’re very grateful for the Chambers Flat resident who contacted Council, having observed animals competing for tree hollows in her backyard.

‘The greater glider was often missing out on trees because of noisy and competitive birds like the sulfur-crested cockatoo.’

A great glider settling in a newly installed nest box. Video by Wildlife Queensland.

Chambers Flat was selected as the designated project site for the availability of old gum trees in residents’ backyards and a high number of greater glider sightings.

Wildlife Queensland has installed 2 cameras, one on a nest box and one on a carved hollow, to monitor greater glider occupancy.

‘It’s been really rewarding to engage with residents who are so passionate about having wildlife-friendly backyards,’ Hannah says.

‘If you do see a greater glider, please let us know so we can add it to our records.’

Applications for Envirogrants close 13 March 2024 – apply on the Logan City Council website.

Greater glider image by Josh Bowell.

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