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KRANK makes waves for mother and son

For most parents, school holidays are inextricably linked with grumbling children, frantic last-minute planning, and a slew of unexpected expenses.

Logan Central mum Cassandra Macnamara, on the other hand, is looking forward to the season because of Council’s upcoming KRANK school holiday program.

The KRANK program offers more than 165 free and low-cost activities for children between 5 to 17 years.

Council committed additional funding to provide more activities in the January and April school holidays, including learn to ride sessions, additional pottery classes, along with car mechanic and hip hop dance workshops.

Bookings for the January school holiday season will open on Monday, 11 December on the Logan City Council website.

‘It’s changing lives – people get to experience things that would be unaffordable without the Council subsidy,’ Cassandra says.

Her 11-year-old son, Bryce, has participated in countless activities like beekeeping, LEGO building and wetland exploration.

He has recently become enamoured with wakeboarding, which he describes as ‘skateboarding with boots, but better, wetter and faster’.

After his first session at Carbrook’s Bayside Wakepark last year, he proclaimed it was the best experience of his life – and his passion for the sport has only grown.

Although the sport requires discipline and plenty of face-plants, Bryce has persisted with the support of the wakeboarding community.

‘We kept going back because of the awesome family-owned vibe – they are the nicest people,’ Cassandra says.

‘All the workers are wakeboarders and they’ve helped Bryce from day one, always giving him advice and never making him feel self-conscious.’

Cassandra was so impressed with the KRANK class that she decided to join in on the fun as well.

‘It’s just everything – you get fresh air, sunshine and the wind in your hair in a really inclusive and non-judgmental environment,’ she says.

‘It’s hard when you’re a chick my age, you think you’re going to make such a fool out of yourself, but everyone is so encouraging.’

The mother-son duo now visit the wake park twice a week throughout the year, with plans to introduce other family members to the sport.

Some of Cassandra’s most cherished memories have taken place at the park, like when Bryce stood up for the first time and completed a lap after falling over for half an hour.

She is also thrilled that Bryce has learned invaluable life skills.

‘He’s learned that if you stick at something, there’s nothing you can’t do,’ Cassandra says.

‘You’ve also got the older kids being role models and doing the right thing, being respectful and positive, and it motivates the little ones to do the same.’

Wakeboarding has had such a big impact on Bryce that he dreams of getting a wakeboarding licence one day.

Cassandra encourages all parents to enroll their children in the KRANK program.

‘They will be welcomed; people will be tripping over themselves to help and accommodate them when you arrive,’ she says.

‘There are so many activities like fishing for fathers and sons, little things that are so important but are often overlooked.

‘So many good things in that KRANK activity booklet.’

Get more information and book KRANK program sessions for 2024.

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