• Local stylist Emma Willmann in fabric shop
Movers + Shakers, People of LoganJanuary 31, 2022 / 4 minute read

Local innovator brings maverick perspective to Logan

When it comes to mavericks, makers and innovators, they don’t come much more colourful than City of Logan local, Emma Willmann…literally!

A criminal prosecutor turned image consultant, Emma uses colour as one of the ways she helps people understand and own their identity. This dynamic mother-of-four is changing lives around the world from her stylish Logan studio, delivering her sessions and courses in person and online.

Entrepreneurs like Emma Willmann are innovating, strengthening and diversifying Logan’s community and business ecosystem – and the region is experiencing the fastest growth rate ever due in part to the $18 billion planned development.

A Logan resident for 13 years, Emma has a deep affection for and connection with her local community and business groups. ‘One of the things I love about Logan is how diverse it is,’ Emma says. ‘There’s something really special about the community here. No one is trying to pretend or be something they’re not. People are very much ‘what you see is what you get’ and they don’t apologise for that. There’s immense freedom in that.’

Local stylist Emma Willmann in fabric shop

Emma’s adaptability has strengthened her influence as a change-maker. ‘I have a huge drive to create change in the world. I see patterns in the way people are not thriving and I know that I can do something about it. I’ve personally experienced the transformative power of identity, image and style, and I am passionate about helping others find that power.’

On paper she is described as a trauma-informed, certified Mindset Coach and an internationally-certified Image Consultant through the AOPI (Academy of Professional Image). These titles, however, don’t capture how she capitalises on her unquenchable drive to understand herself and applies these understandings to empower other people – particularly women – to deconstruct and rebuild their own self-perception.

She studied law in Melbourne because she was motivated to advocate for others. ‘I’m still very fired up by injustice. I really enjoyed practising law and intended to return, however, I realised when I had my son that I struggled with the anxiety-ridden, dog-eat-dog working environments. But I love advocating for people and so in mothers’ groups, when I could see women struggling with their self-worth after childbirth; I just started helping women with their wardrobes and styling.’

“There’s something really special about the community here. No one is trying to pretend or be something they’re not. People are very much ‘what you see is what you get’ and they don’t apologise for that. There’s immense freedom in that.”

— Emma Willmann

Emma started her business journey with Logan City Council in 2014. While there are many ways to progress your business in the city through the services of Council, Emma worked directly with the Libraries and Creative Industries as a service provider. Over the last 6 years she has delivered various themed workshops and speeches across empowerment for teenagers, eco-fashion and job readiness.

‘I’m yet to find a client that isn’t truly unique and beautiful. The people who do not feel attractive when I first meet them are just not aligned properly. Once we’ve worked together and they begin to show up as who they truly are, they radiate. It’s amazing energy to be around.’

Emma views her collaboration with Logan City Council to be ‘a really beautiful partnership’. So much so that despite having clients as far-flung as the US, Europe and Asia; she still turns to the Council for support and advice.

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Local stylist Emma Willmann in fabric shop


There are many ways to access the business services for small business at Logan City Council. The Logan Office of Economic Development (LOED) is an arm of Council dedicated to helping businesses in the region thrive. Even if you are just thinking of moving to Logan to set up, LOED offers a relocation service. For current residents there are all kinds of workshops, programs and advisors available from which to learn.


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