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Furrytail endings for pets

Francis the great dane ridgeback cross has transformed from an underweight stray to the happiest hound in the dog park thanks to the Animal Management Centre (AMC) at Kingston.

Logan City Council’s animal rehoming program at the AMC has the wag of approval from Francis, now living his best life with new pet parents.

Marlies Schloesser and Cameron Kent are full of praise for the rehoming service for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and poultry. There is even a Senior Pets program.

‘The rehoming program is so supportive, with free training sessions when you take your dog home,’ Cameron says.

The Kingston couple met Francis when visiting local animal shelters in search of a puppy to live with their sphinx cat, 14.

‘Francis was such a gentle soul when we first met him. I kind of fell in love with him, but he was the biggest in the kennel and we wanted a puppy,’ Marlies says.

‘He was on the AMC website for 2 months, so we went to see him again.’

Marlies felt heartbroken Francis had not found a new family.

‘I thought about him every day for a week and then we brought him home.’

City of Logan Animal Assessment and Rehoming Officer Kate Nielsen says the couple ‘did all the right things’.

‘Finding a new pet takes time, so it was great to see them visit a few times and see his behaviour – and their connection was amazing,’ Kate says.

‘He was very skinny when he came to us around 11 months old. He was fed back to health, desexed, microchipped at the on-site vet clinic and assessed for his suitability for rehoming.’

Now 4 months later, Francis takes over the couch most nights and enjoys running around in his local dog off-leash area in Riverdale Park at Meadowbrook.

‘He doesn’t quite know his size … and when he runs, it’s like a baby giraffe,’ Cameron says, laughing.

‘Now any time spent with Marlies and Francis together is the perfect time,’ he says.

Marlies has advice for anyone considering pet adoption. ‘Be open minded, every pet needs a loving home.’

Learn more about Logan City Council’s Animal Management Centre.

Rehoming program success stories

Rocco, age 1
Family: Megan and Matthew, of Shailer Park
Loves: Long bush walks in Cornubia Forest (on a leash, of course.)
Cutest habit: Snuggling together day and night on the couch, grass and their parents' bed.

Tilly, age 3
Family: Leanne and Doug, of Yarrabilba
Loves: Laying in weird positions over her owners watching TV, daily walks.
Cutest habit: Running too fast and missing the stairs, and finishing off ice-cream stick leftovers.

Hermione, age 2
Family: Rachel, of Heritage Park
Loves: Playing with Henry the cat, Lilly the cocker spaniel, and begging for cheese slices.
Cutest habit: Sleeping with her legs in the air, watching lizards out the window.

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