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Paranormal tours exploring the local haunts

When the night falls on Logan, a Jimboomba family ventures out to try connecting with its spiritual side.

Mother Elise, her daughters Kahlia and Tiana and son Brady, have all taken on an unexpected role of hosting ghost tours around Logan’s historic locations.

The family began the unusual hobby several years ago by visiting haunted sites around Australia to satisfy their own curiosity about all things ghostly.

They soon learned many others wanted similar experiences, when launching their business last year.

Called Transcendental Paranormal, the business has quickly grown to now run tours every couple of weeks.

With each event now being solidly booked ahead, and waiting lists forming for up to 60 people, the family has also welcomed a like-minded assistant, Josie.

‘We’ve had many things happen – seeing a figure walking back and forth in a dance hall, hearing things, shirts being grabbed – when we visit places like a historical village or museum, or local cemeteries with lots of history,’ Tiana says.

‘People have felt things like a little girl’s energy in a child’s room, and our specialised equipment has gone crazy,’ she says.

‘Then we have had messages coming through that she was murdered there, but we can’t find any historical information confirming that because it doesn’t go back that far into the 1800s when she was alive.’

Tiana says their tour guests enjoy using the unusual equipment on offer during the 3-hour events, ranging from communications devices called ‘spirit boxes’, to heat signature metres and electromagnetic field readers.

‘We also have dowsing rods similar to what water diviners use. When you ask questions, a spirit can move them to answer “yes” or “no”.

‘Some people don’t believe in this and we respect their opinions, but ask in turn that they respect our beliefs.’

By Rachel Syers

Photo at top: The Transcendental Paranormal team in Maclean Cemetery, which dates back to 1871. From left: Assistant Josie, with sisters Kahlia, Tiana and mum Elise.

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