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Four decades dedicated to girl power

For more than 40 years, Stockleigh mum Annette McPherson has been on a mission to empower girls and young women to develop as leaders of their world.

Guiding young girls has been Annette’s lifelong journey through her involvement with Girl Guides Australia and this International Women’s Day, 8 March, is the ideal time to acknowledge Annette’s contribution as a leader in the lives of hundreds of girls throughout City of Logan.

Currently Logan Village Girl Guides District Manager, Annette says International Women’s Day is a chance for her to reflect on how rewarding it is to see the many local girls she has mentored, growing up and making their mark.

‘Some of the girls who have gone through Guides have become a doctor, a nurse, a special education teacher, and they are still taking on roles with Girl Guides locally, which is great to see them going on as leaders,’ Annette says.

Beginning at age 7 as a Brownie – the original name for a young Girl Guide until it changed in 1996 – Annette remembers being greatly impacted by a young woman who was her Girl Guides leader, especially the way she motivated Annette to continue achieving.

‘I always think back to my second guide leader who inspired me to keep going because I was plodding along and she kept encouraging me little by little, and without me even realising it she pushed me to achieve so much,’ Annette says. ‘Guiding has changed a lot over the years, but I still use a lot of what I learnt back then from the way she did things.’

In the 1980s when aged in her mid-20s, Annette began her leadership journey with Beenleigh Guides, then moved to Shailer Park Guides in 2003, before opening Logan Village Laotong Guides in 2018, then the Ranger Guides and Junior Guide Unit.

Annette’s evolution as a leader from her 20s now into her 60s, is all the more rewarding when she sees the difference she is making to the children in her group, currently aged 9 to 12.

‘It’s nice when you see the little quiet ones sitting there and you give them a task that they can do and they are so proud of themselves and come out of their shell,’ she says.

Annette, who volunteers to lead meetings each week in addition to her administrative role, was recognised for her 40 years of dedication recently with an Appreciation Certificate presented by Helen Reid, Australian Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia.

Learn more about Logan Village Girl Guides.

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