Division 10, People of LoganApril 10, 2024 / 3 minute read

Humble heroes of Loganholme

Loganholme’s local fundraising champions have been presented with a statewide award for making a difference in the community. 

The Loganholme IGA team, led by owner Darrell Dhnaram, took home the 2023 Queensland and Northern New South Wales (QNN) State ‘Community Award’ last month at the IGA QNN State Retail Excellence Awards.  

In celebrating the official acknowledgement of his volunteering, Darrell remains as humble as they come and says the local community should also be thanked for their contributions. 

‘It’s a wonderful recognition for both our staff and the community, because we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the locals,’ he says.  

Darrell and his team have spearheaded countless fundraising efforts over the years – most recently, a sausage sizzle for a Tanah Merah family who lost everything to a house fire in late March.   

The fundraiser was a success, as the community rallied together in the Loganholme IGA parking lot to raise more than $5,000.  

Metcash, the parent company of IGA, provided the sausages, bread and onions, while community members gave time, money and comforting words to the family in need.  

‘It was sensational, because we only had 4 or 5 days’ notice and the community really got behind the cause,’ Darrell says. 

‘They acknowledge and appreciate what we do and are always happy to give back.   

‘The community is great – everyone works hard and they all like to shop locally and get their groceries here to support us.’ 

For Darrell, giving back is second nature. 

‘We’ve always been giving people, it’s just better to give than to receive and it doesn’t hurt,’ he says. 

‘We’re blessed to have community support, so it’s only fair that we reinvest that back into the community when there’s an opportunity to do something.’ 

With help from his colleague, Shayne Western, Darrell hopes that these fundraisers will become a quarterly event to support local charities and organisations.  

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