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Double the leader at Loganlea

Loganlea State High School students have the double bonus of twin sisters for their 2024 school captains this year.

Marsden sisters Gabrielle and Sheikinah Kibaja have been chosen as Year 12 school captains and are becoming proud role models, especially for students of African heritage – including their 3 younger siblings.

‘We are Congolese and hadn’t really seen a lot of people from our background as school leaders over the years, so we were like “let’s try and increase the diversity and show these kids that they can be leaders too”,’ Gabrielle says.

‘For us being African, we see a lot of students are scared of a leadership role, so we want to change that.’

Their principal, Brenton Farleigh, says the girls have exceptional leadership qualities.

‘Gabrielle demonstrates remarkable academic prowess, consistently achieving outstanding results and exercising leadership through her strong intellect,’ Mr Farleigh says.

‘Sheikinah’s leadership style is characterised by warmth, approachability, and an innate ability to uplift those in her presence, fostering a positive environment where individuals feel valued and empowered.’

Both favour maths and science and wish to study allied health or nursing at university.

‘With my background of a heart health issue, I want to give back something to help people,’ Sheikinah says.

Gabrielle says the captain roles – which they share with students Alicia Bailey and Gabrielle Blanckensee – are growing their confidence and self-belief.

‘But it’s more about showing people they can do this too,’ she says.

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