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Mindfulness for all ages

To help others deal with these turbulent times, businessowners Anna Grant and Andrea Creighton are harnessing breath in their Underwood studio, Inna Essence.

An inclusive space with zero judgment, they’ve created a community with gleaming Reformer Pilates machines and polymer clay.

‘Our mission was to create a space where being present is the most important thing,’ Andrea says.

‘You’re not just a number here – we know everybody’s names and we want people to feel like they’re truly cared for.’

Their work is at the intersection of physical and mental self-care, with mindfulness as the medium.

‘Mindfulness comes when you’re purely focusing on the class and your breath,’ Anna says.

‘You get that space away from the stress you experience in the outside world.

‘Mindfulness is available in so many ways and we teach them during classes, so people have the tools to practice it in daily life.’

The studio teaches mindfulness to kids through Pilates and polymer art workshops. The team incorporate animal stories with the Pilates poses to keep them focused.

‘It’s harder to capture kids’ attention spans, so we try to make it fun and light,’ Andrea says.

Meanwhile, the founder of Mini Makers & Co, Sarah Rochford, facilities the polymer art workshops which provide children with the space to be creative in a safe and supported way.

‘Polymer art is particularly great because they’re working with their hands and concentrating on creating something special to them in the present.’

For the duo and their devoted client base, breathing is the key to life.

‘Practicing breathing will help your body run better to cope with stress, anxiety or depression,’ Anna says.

‘You actually feel lighter when you breathe properly and bring your body into alignment.

‘People who never exercise or go to the gym always get upset when they miss their classes because mindfulness just makes you feel better.’

Mindfulness is more impactful than ever, especially for kids. Anna recommends simple activities, like having your child trace along their fingers and count to 5. Another exercise is performing deep breathing exercises while holding them, as they will mirror your breath.

‘Try to incorporate it into their daily routines, whether it’s just one minute or an hour,’ she says.

Inna Essence is located on Level 1/3245 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119. Check out the latest and greatest in yoga and Pilates classes in Logan or learn more about Mini Makers & Co and their polymer art workshops.

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By June Ho

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