• Ross Noble.

Ross Noble is coming back for a laugh

The mark of a good comedian is the ability to bring strangers together to laugh about the shared human experience.

And then there are great comedians, who can evoke laughter by just saying what’s on their mind at the time.

Ross Noble does just that.

Known for his masterful crowd work and improvisational humour, you never know what to expect at a Ross Noble show.

What you can count on is an effortlessly hilarious monologue, as he goes off on tangent after tangent in his famous stream-of-consciousness style.

Ross himself describes his show as ‘a load of bollocks that people seem to really like’.

A rare talent, Ross was pegged to become a performer since young.

‘I got into comedy after winning tickets to see a comedy show after ringing into a little radio station,’ he says.

‘I went along, thought it looked fun and decided I’d do that – I did a 5-minute slot and within a year it was sort of my job.’

For Ross, stand-up comedy is just about having fun and playing with the audience.

‘The Logan crowd is great – you can tear the mickey out of them, and they don’t mind at all,’ he says.

‘They’re laidback, they know they’ve got a bit of a reputation and they’re quite happy to play on it.’

Ross will be returning to the City of Logan on 24 June and tickets are selling fast – get your tickets on the Logan Arts website.

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