The art of Japanese barbecue

The latest barbecue craze in Logan has replaced snags with rich and perfectly marbled wagyu beef.

Yakiniku, which means ‘grilled meat’ in Japanese, comprises of premium cuts of meat, seafood and vegetables cooked over a communal charcoal grill.

This style of barbecuing is incredibly popular throughout Japan, especially in the Shinbashi district where office workers congregate after hours to blow off some steam.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of wagyu and was one of the first people to bring it into the local market 18 years ago.”

— Charlie Cheng

And it’s becoming increasingly popular in Logan at the aptly named restaurant, Shinbashi Yakiniku.

‘Cooking together helps people bond and is an essential part of Japanese culture,’ says owner Charlie Cheng.

‘This method of interactive barbecuing is also a way of appreciating Japan’s history, because food is the easiest way to understand another culture.

‘There’s something special about gathering around a fire with your friends.’

Charlie traveled widely in Japan to understand the art of grilling before setting up shop in Underwood.

The most popular dish at Shinbashi Yakiniku is the wagyu trio, which includes cuts of wagyu marbled beef, rich oyster blade and harami (skirt steak).

‘What’s special about yakiniku is that there’s something for everyone because so many types of meat are available,’ Charlie says.

‘The key to perfect yakiniku is flipping the meat when the cut has shrunken and is glistening – then you’ll get the famous crispy seared edge without drying out the meat.

‘I’ve always been a huge fan of wagyu and was one of the first people to bring it into the local market 18 years ago.’

Yakiniku has now become so popular that Charlie has even expanded to Melbourne.

‘We mostly used to get diners from other suburbs, but we’ve been seeing an increase in locals over the years – plenty of regulars from the Muslim community, as we also serve Halal meats,’ he says.

‘People are finding us on Google and it’s awesome to see how excited locals are to try something new.’

Check out Shinbashi Yakiniku‘s Facebook page or visit the restaurant at Unit 3/2900 Logan Rd, Underwood.

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