White House of Waterford embraces Explore Logan philosophy

It’s been a tough few years for hospitality businesses.
For Bec Cobbing and Leigh Mitchell (pictured), who run the White House of Waterford, being adaptable and building a relationship with the community was essential for their business to survive – and being forced to stay closer to home opened up a whole world of culinary fare they didn’t know Logan had.
‘We have lived in Logan for years, but I think we would generally travel for dining options,’ says Bec.
‘When the borders closed we really started to find so many places here that we just hadn’t realised existed.’
At the same time, the team was moving online and building its social following.
Bec also runs the blog Nom Nom Logan, encouraging locals and visitors to explore the hidden treasures in the City of Logan.
‘If people start to see Logan as a real food destination then it benefits us all,’ says Bec.
It’s an approach that aligns perfectly with Logan City Council’s new Explore Logan brand. It shines a spotlight on the things that make Logan unique, its hidden treasures and blend of traditional and modern, city and country.
‘You can travel the world and not leave Logan,’ says Leigh.
In addition to celebrating Logan’s diverse cuisine, Explore Logan celebrates the beautiful natural environment, adventure, arts, business community and  vibrant events.

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