• Cr Tim Frazer with Bev Martin, Maggie Palanca and Kathy Smith.

Kathy defends hope by helping to break the cycle

Kathy Smith, alongside daughters Tina and Tomeeka and daughter-in-law Elise, are dedicating their lives to supporting victims of domestic violence through their charity, Defenders for Hope.
The tragic death of their friend Doreen Langham in February last year empowered them to act.
Feeling a sense of hopelessness, and with big hearts and a commitment to make a difference, they set out to honour their late friend by supporting families affected by domestic violence.
Defenders for Hope also helps underprivileged families, the homeless and teenagers in challenging circumstances.
‘Doreen was such a beautiful person who did so much for her community,’ Kathy says.
‘Domestic violence has a devastating impact on families, and we thought this was the best way to help those affected.
‘I say families because we also try to help the perpetrators through counselling and support.’
Defenders for Hope set up its first hub in Logan Village in March last year and has opened a new support service in Hillcrest, which Kathy manages.
‘Defenders for Hope and the work that Kathy and her family is doing is remarkable,’ Councillor Tim Frazer says.
‘To pull it all together in such a short space of time is testament to her dedication.
‘If you need affordable clothing or homewares please consider dropping by to help them continue their wonderful work.’
Defenders for Hope is funded by op  shops that sell donated items.

You can help Defenders for Hope through its Facebook page.

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