Flooding no match for a winning collaboration

It’s not often you’ll hear ‘cryogenics’ and ‘aircraft’ in the same sentence, but they came together perfectly earlier this year in some very unusual circumstances.  

Many businesses were impacted by the floods that hammered Logan in February this year – and Logan-based company ‘The Cryogenics Group,’ was no exception.    

Before its warehouse became cut off by floodwaters, the Cryogenics Group team began to plan for a scenario that would leave them unable to deliver to clients using the usual processes. They needed some new delivery options to ensure uninterrupted supply.  

‘We supply a range of industrial, medical and specialty gases and liquids to a diverse customer base, many of which include critical medical facilities and when we knew the floods were coming, we needed to be ready with plans A, B, and C,’  Marcia Edwards, the director of The Cryogenics Group, says. 

That’s where Monarc stepped in. 

Remembering that a connection on LinkedIn had shared information about Monarc, Marcia asked for an introduction with CEO Royce Crown. 

Monarc provides instant chartered aircraft, booked online, to help problem-solve when air transport is needed. It also offers a can-do attitude. When Marcia contacted Royce, his team was already working in flood-affected areas to get supplies to organisations and the community. 

Transporting liquid nitrogen posed its own complications, however. 

‘We love a challenge and the first thing in my head is the cargo – it’s considered a dangerous good,’ Royce says. 

‘We knew we could do it, it was just figuring out how do we do it.’ 

The plan involved a cage attached underneath the helicopter to transport the liquid nitrogen vessels to a safe place accessible by trucks to collect. 

‘Thankfully we were able to access our product supply by truck with time to spare, so this back up plan wasn’t needed – but to have Royce and his team on standby for our critical medical clientele gave us absolute peace of mind. The service Monarc offers is priceless,’ she says. 

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