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Assorted Grains Inc. nourishing the arts scene

 A fledging non-profit is paving the way for creatives – and the community – to benefit from the way the arts brings people together.

Assorted Grains Inc. is an artist-run non-profit that is reshaping the local arts scene one event at a time.

Vice President Louise Wheatley, who also owns an audio and video production studio, says it’s all for the artists.

‘Our goal is to support artists of all disciplines, by creating unique events and opportunities that help raise the profile of the arts in Logan,’ she says.

‘We’re all from Logan and want to make it a destination for people to come and see events.

‘In doing so, businesses can start viewing the arts as an important part of how they connect with their local community.’

For the past 2 years, the team of 4 has spearheaded the local scene by bringing art out of gallery spaces and into the streets.

Its first event, Art Plus Beer, was held at Underwood’s Monkey Tree Brewing Co. and featured live mural painting, live music, spoken word poetry, and a local art exhibition.

‘Part of our vision is putting different disciplines of the arts together in a way that people wouldn’t expect,’ Louise says.

‘Art can really bring out the identity of an area because the artists here shape the landscape of Logan.’

Beyond showcasing local art, the team is manages a cultural calendar, as well as mentoring and hosting industry networking events.

They also curate custom arts experiences for communities and organisations – linking them with artists, musicians, equipment and even funding if required.

Most recently, Assorted Grains Inc. has benefited from Logan City Council’s Division 8 Community Benefit Fund.

‘Grant funding is incredibly important at this point when we’re establishing ourselves – it’s one of our biggest income sources,’ Louise says.

‘With the grant, we were able to complete the fit-out of our stage trailer, which means we can take the mobile stage out to parts of the Logan community where there is restricted access to venues.

‘It also supports the creative sector to perform and enhances the night-time economy in Logan.’

The team is currently developing a number of creative projects, festivals and multi-arts events for next year, such as a film festival, a queer festival and park activations using the trailer stage.

President Ali Strachan says people often take the cultural value of the arts for granted.

‘If we’re looking at how we connect with the community and each other, the arts are the bridge,’ she says.

‘It allows people to see other perspectives and engage in other cultural stories.’

The next step for the non-profit is building partnerships with other local organisations.

‘The biggest impact we’ve made so far is how we’ve connected people,’ Ali says.

‘We’re making Logan artists more visible because so many of those who live and create here have to go outside Logan to engage with the community.

‘We often get asked for referrals and we want to make sure that locals get to witness local artists.’

Learn more about Assorted Grains Inc. and their work.

Community Benefit Fund applications are now open for Community Development, Community Events, Community Benefit and Grant Writer – apply on the Logan City Council website.

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