Kids + FamilyNovember 22, 2023 / 3 minute read

How to save a young life this summer

Summer is synonymous with poolside gatherings and playdates, making swimming pool safety more important than ever. 

Drowning is a safety issue for all ages, but especially for toddlers.  

Even with constant adult supervision, preventable drowning accidents can happen silently and in an instant. 

Now is the time for local pool owners to become ‘pool safety heroes’, brush up on guidelines and inspect their pools before anyone takes a dip this season. 

If an accident does occur, having an up-to-date CPR sign on display by your pool can save a young life. 

Make sure your CPR sign complies with the below criteria: 

  • is attached to the pool’s safety barrier or displayed near the pool for visibility 
  • is at least 300 mm by 300 mm in size 
  • is made of durable and weatherproof material 
  • includes a prominent statement explaining how to act in an emergency (for example, to call Triple Zero (000), stay with the injured person or provide first aid). 

Click here to view an example of a CPR sign.

You can purchase the most current CPR sign from Bunnings or pool stores. 

Who’s the pool safety hero in your family? Check your pool today to keep everyone safe and potentially save a young life.  

For more information on how to keep your swimming pool safe, visit the Logan City Council website.

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